Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

Auto Body Repair Salt Lake CityHow to Save Money on Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

So, you just wrecked your car, and you need to find body shops in Salt Lake City to provide you estimates. That is not as easy as it sounds, if you want your car to be repaired so that it will look like it did when it was new, and not spend an arm and leg to have it done properly. If that sounds familiar, and you want to save a little money on this unpleasant task, please just keep reading, and we will let you know all you need to know about auto body repair Salt Lake City. Automobiles, like your body, can sustain such touches of brashness. The good news is, Go Collision can help to restore vehicles to their state before the damage was inflicted. Nonetheless, you would be in need of a trustworthy repair shop to accomplish this for you. Listed below are a few ideas to help you navigate the sometimes confusing claims of collision repair shops.

Exterior imperfections from dents to paint scratches occur over the course of a vehicle's life, no matter how careful you are. Just driving down the road or going to the mall can bring expensive damage to the body. The more damage, the more time and money it will take for your car repair shop to provide professional auto body repair.

All auto body repair shops are not the same. Some specialize in very high-quality work, while others try to do the job as cheaply as possible. At Go Collision, we strive for excellence. We employ certified mechanics and professionals to work on your car, and use the latest technology.

What to Look For in a Repair Shop

Here are a few tips to help you find the best auto body shop in Salt Lake City:
Once you've found a body shop near Salt Lake City that looks like a good option, take a time to call and ask if they are a "Preferred Provider" or a "Direct Repair Shop" for an insurance company. If they say "yes", it's a sign they may not be right for you. These body shops have contracts with insurance companies, and they are more likely to cut corners on the repairs just to keep costs low. You may not get a quality repair from these shops!

Visit the store as a "mystery shopper". Ask for advice on choosing the right insurance company, and listen to their answer. A good auto body shop will be willing to tell you the pros and cons of each insurance company, while a "Direct Repair Shop" will put down other insurance companies in favor of the one with whom they have a contract. This bias is a bad sign!
When talking with the body shop, ask about how they will estimate the value of the repair. If they use the insurance company's estimate, it means they will often cut corners to keep costs low. A good body shop will generate its own estimate, one that takes into account ALL of the repairs that need to be done. While the estimate may be a bit higher, it's worth it to get the care fixed properly. Independent body shops prefer to generate their own estimates.

Ask them about any consumer advocacy policies they may have. Good body shops will provide as much information to their customers as possible, teaching them things insurance companies would rather they didn't know. A trustworthy body shop will walk you through the claims process, ensuring YOU get the best deal possible.

Request Referrals

Among the most efficient solutions to calculate the proficiency and capacity of a repair shop is by means of word-of-mouth. A shop would not be praised by their customers if they didn't deliver satisfactory service in the first place. Subsequently, you can assume that they can comply with your requirements too. You could talk to your friends concerning how the shop's personnel attended to them to get a little understanding of how they work.

Once you have referrals, it's time to come by for a visit. Lots can be presumed about a repair shop through its work surroundings. Is it crowded or are customers sporadic? Do they have the correct instruments and equipment for the job? Is the place conducive for repairs? It's likely that a vacant shop has troubles in satisfying customers, so it's most suitable to cross it out of the list. Similarly, a shop with a chaotic workspace must raise a red flag that you're better off elsewhere.

As soon as you've caught a glimpse of the shop's workspace, it's time to gauge the mechanics' capabilities. In your visit, pay attention to how they manage their current collision repair jobs. Do they take their work seriously and seem to know what they're doing? You can even talk to them to spell out your vehicle complication, and though they would explain to you that you must bring the automobile in for appropriate examination, they should be able to identify potential solutions for repair.

Making the effort to speak with the mechanics will give you an idea of how capable and experienced they are about their job. It will also give you the assurance that your car will be in excellent hands and they will work on it accordingly as per your wish plus An auto body shop advises on how to keep from spending a fortune to maintain your car's good looks