Why Choose Go Collision?

Why Choose Us?

When choosing to have your vehicle repaired it is not as easy as price matching at Walmart. Not all shops are the same and there is more than one way to fix your vehicle. And you will not have the same outcome. Out of the 400+ body shops in Utah, there essentially 3 different types of shops and you need to make the choice of where to take your vehicle. Here are the choices, what they specialize in, and their main focus as a business:


Diminished Value Reimbursement:

Most shops won’t talk about the diminished value your vehicle receives when you are in an accident. The insurance company does not want you to know about it as they are Liable to pay you the shortage. When you are the 3rd party claimant (the accident was not your fault), you have rights that the 1st party does not have due to the contract they have with their own insurance company. Because you do not have the same contract you are not limited by their insurance contract. Please talk to our staff and we can get you in contact with the proper appraisers to review the insurance final approved invoice so that you get the lost value you deserve. Does it cost anything? It does, but the cost is minimal for what you will collect. We will help advise if it is in your best interest.

Diminished Value How To

Letter to at fault driver

Suggested Correspondence

Suggusted Cover Letter Ins or shop


The small body shop/Back Yard Mechanic:

As a consumer you’re not likely to use this type of body shop… unless absolute cost is your main concern. These are the body shops that do a lot of the small time dealerships repairs. The final product they tend to put out are repairs that with a little bit of a trained eye you would be able to tell what panels were repaired. These shops don’t use Vehicle manufacture repair processes and do not have the proper equipment to repair a newer vehicle… although they repair them all the time. Often times these auto body shops do not pay employment taxes making them a very cost effective repair facility and hard to compete against. The small body shop will not likely have any certifications or certified training besides the training a tech will receive when working on your vehicle.


The insurance preferred shop:

While the insurance may be paying for your repair, you do not have to go to these Insurance repair facilities. Think about this scenario: you get into an accident and the insurance steers you to the shop they want you to go to (often they will drive to these shops due to agreements and financial contracts). If the insurance is steering you to a shop because they have agreements with that shop not to charge for certain labor operations or the shop is penalized, do you think that shop is truly in your best interest?... Absolutely not! We often see past repairs done on vehicles that look great on the outside (the visible repairs), but are incomplete on the inside. Panels that should have been replaced are now repaired to keep the ratio of new parts installation labor to repaired part labor at a minimum. This is what these shops deal with when they chose how to repair your vehicle. After all if the insurance has done an estimate on your vehicle, did they include labor to sand, and buff to match the OEM texture, or to Prime and block the filler… there is always more. This is why the repairs as not as good on the inside. The shop is trying to make up for loss revenues somewhere.


The vehicle manufacture preferred Body shop:

It is all about training, tools and air bag deployment timing. Many shops do not get the training from the manufacture and only get it from working on others vehicles. We pride ourselves and other shops that are dedicated to our craft that are willing to invest in training from the actual vehicle manufacture. While experience is important, vehicles are evolving faster than ever before. From air bag systems to electronics to high strength steels and aluminums; if a shop does not get the repair done correctly it could sacrifice your safety. We use manufacture data to repair the vehicle the way the manufacture specifies. Watch the video on air bag timing and imagine if a short cut was made to save the insurance a few dollars, or to save on a repair cost. When an air bag deployed late it could be the difference between a safe family and a severe hospital stay. We pride ourselves in minimizing the insurance short cut. We will work and honor all insurance estimates, but we will supplement the repair to make sure you get the proper repair and the insurance pays for it. It is your choice where your vehicle is repaired, choose an auto Body repair shop like Go Collision.

Air Bag timing Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKKa1HrnBJg

Manufacture certified shop VS Regular shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzOA9XURMUU

April 2016 article in Autobody News Magazine about OEM Parts usage and OEM Certifications: http://www.autobodynews.com/regional-content/western-news/item/11364-utah-shop-focuses-on-oem-certifications-educating-customers-on-parts.html