Collision Repair Salt Lake City

Collision Repair Salt Lake CityIf ever we have a car accident, our concerns are relatively universal: Is everyone alright? Whew! Did the person at fault have insurance? Yes? Then everything is going to be fine, right? Well, probably, but there are a couple more questions and concerns that must be raised.

OEM Certified Collision Repair Salt Lake City

When your car sustains damage in a collision, its value becomes diminished in comparison with the same car that has not been involved in an accident. This phenomenon, known as Diminished Value (DV), can result in a stark difference in value. Some sources say that DV can be as high as 15 to 18%.

Some states allow the individual to collect diminished value from the insurance company. Utah happens to be one of those states, assuming that the individual was not at fault in the accident, that the damage was the result of a collision, and that the 3-year statute of limitations has not run out.

That's great news, but the most important part of the DV issue for the consumer (and the best predictor of ultimate diminished value) is the quality of collision damage repairs.

To most effectively reduce diminished value, collision repair Salt Lake City must be made with optimal quality parts, materials, and workmanship, so that your vehicle's appearance, function, and safety are as good as they were before the collision, or better. Inferior parts or workmanship will result in your vehicle being less valuable - potentially much less - than if the work was performed correctly, with the proper materials.

Experts cite some of the most common areas in which inferior repairs may be evident, including imperfect (bumpy, wavy, rough) body work, paint overspray or runs, mismatched paint color, poor welds, inferior sound or finish sealing, or the failure to replace factory decals, markings, or stickers.

How to Minimize Diminished Value in Your Vehicle After a Crash

The best way to minimize diminished value, if you have recently been in an accident, is to seek out collision repair professionals that meet the highest standards of professionalism and workmanship. Seek a repair shop that is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, that is accredited by the local Better Business Bureau, and that has achieved Gold Class status from the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, indicating the highest level of collision repair training and knowledge in the industry.

Everyone knows what to say when considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle: "Show me the CarFax!" If your vehicle has been in a collision, that information will be disclosed to any potential buyer asking for the vehicle's history report. If you used a reputable repair shop however, that information will also be provided.

You have the right to select your repair shop when you've been in a collision. Choose a shop that is committed to quality and that follows the auto manufacturers' recommendations for repair parts and procedures. Select a shop that is OEM certified like Go Collision. We hire certified technicians, use modern equipment, and have a history of satisfied customers. Using a quality collision repair shop will ensure the best repair possible, and aggressively minimize value loss.

Collision Repair Specialists

There are lots of cars passing different roads everyday, and a percentage of these cars will end up in a collision and look for Salt Lake City collision repair specialist. There are times when the owner is the one to choose the auto collision repair company, but more often it is the insurance company who has the authority to choose. This is the reason why you need to know the truth about the car insurance before you choose a particular insurance company. Although an average car can be repaired to any auto body repair shop satisfactorily, there are cars and brands that require the service of a collision repair specialist.

Some of these cars that may require such service are high-performance cars as well as luxury cars. If you own this kind of cars, then you also do not want it to be handled by someone who does not know what they are doing. These cars are made of complex designs, mechanism, modern parts as well as unique alloys to provide high level of performance to its driver and passengers. In this case, it is important for the owner to look for salt lake city collision repair specialist. This is an expensive move and decision to make, but it cannot change the fact that this is what your car needs.

There is a growing necessity for high-quality collision repair and reconstructive service that is why many manufacturers approved different salt lake city collision repair shops to handle their vehicles that needs special treatment. These are auto repair shops with factory-approved facilities and well-trained technicians that can handle demanding repairs. A repair shop can get this kind of certification from car manufacturers, but they need to invest in high-quality facilities and specialist equipment. Their technicians should also undergo extensive training program and they should only use genuine parts and materials from the manufacturers. It is good to know that you can find such Salt Lake City collision repair specialists at Go Collision.

Manufacturers also perform regular monitoring and checkups to ensure that quality is always maintained within the shop. They provide up to date information and support system whenever necessary. A car owner of luxury vehicle can go to Go Collision without any worries and with confidence that their beloved car will be restored properly to its original condition. Aside from that, the value of your car will remain.

Choose Go Collision for Your Repair Needs

Today, numbers of certified repair shops are growing. This is good news for many luxury car owners because competition can make this service affordable. You should not trust any car repair shop that claims that they are certified without any evidence. A true and reputable certified collision repair specialist shop will show you genuine certification from any car manufacturer. Also, reliable shops are willing to give portfolio of their past clients for you to call. This is for you to ensure that their past clients are satisfied and happy with their service. Asking for a portfolio is an important matter if you want to ensure quality.