Body Work

Large or small, We want to repair your vehicle. We often have people come in telling us they don't need it perfect. If this is you, I'm sorry, we have to make it perfect. We want your repair to look like it was never damaged. Your vehicle is usually your 2nd largest expense/investment you will ever buy. Go Collision is dedicated to giving you the best repair.

Quality Services

We follow Vehicle manufacture repair procedures and guidelines when repairing vehicles to protect and retain the air bag timing of your vehicle. Safety is our goal, not the insurance companies bottom dollar. They often want to cut corners and write low ball estimates. We will write an accurate estimate for the damages we can see. once the vehicle is in the shop we do a full tear down and internal damage discovery to locate and find all damages so they can be repaired, giving you a truly accurate and quality repair.

Take it from us, your vehicle will look great and will not look repaired.