Frame Repair / Uni-Body Repair

More critical than ever is the ability to check a vehicle structure if there is any question about damage severity. A vehicle with structural damage that was never fixed will not usually take an alignment, and worse is the drivability issues that vehicle may have. We truly believe that if the structure is damaged and properly measured and repaired, your vehicle will drive like it did prior to the crash.

Often the severity on a full frame vehicle will require a frame to be changed, or the vehicle to be totaled. When making the decision to repair a frame we consult with the vehicle manufacture on the repair guidelines. Many manufactures do not allow sectioning of the frames or will have a specific guideline to sectioning. this is important to follow as it effects air bag deployment timing. We caution all customers to avoid vehicles with branded/salvage titles as these vehicles are often not repaired properly, and are not safe. Plus, the shops that rebuild these vehicles are small shops that are not properly tooled to repair vehicles using the vehicle manufactures guidelines and recommended procedures.

What we are saying is: We follow Manufacture guidelines and will stand up for you when the insurance wants to deviate from those guidelines just to save them money. They have plenty of money to get your vehicle repaired properly. We are your voice.

Watch these videos to see how the insurance wants to repair your vehicle. PS: We won't let them.